The children are at the centre of everything and at the heart of our village communities with bright and hopeful futures.

Our village schools are ‘home’; a safe place to start your journey of a lifetime. A place where you will be respected and know your opinion counts; a place to make mistakes and learn to take responsibility for your actions.

We aim to prepare the children to become life-long learners in an ever-evolving world.

Curriculum Drivers

Our School Values are represented by the Curriculum Drivers. These drivers form the basis of everything we do and how we behave in and around school, in all aspects of school life. They also support the teaching of British Values throughout the school.

A – Adventurous – Taking risks, thinking outside the box, healthy lifestyles, for our children to know that life exists outside of the digital world. High Aspirations
B – Belief – Healthy mind, resilience, acceptance of oneself.
C – Challenge – Develops the skills needed to be a successful learner e.g. determination, independence, collaboration
D – Diversity and Heritage – Developing an understanding of the wider world and where they live through learning about the world we want them to understand their role in society and develop respect towards the environment, communities and religions.


E – Enrichment – We believe that children in our rural schools should be exposed to a wide range of experience known as ‘Our Pledge’

Basic Principles
  • Learning is a change to long term memory
  • Our aims are to ensure that our pupils experience a wide breadth of study and have, by the end of each key stage, long term memory of an ambitious body of knowledge.
  • We develop the essential characteristics within each subject e.g. a geographer, historian etc.
  • Threshold concepts are the ‘big ideas’ for each subject. These are repeated many times throughout a variety of different topics. Children are given opportunities to build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language.
  • Milestones provide opportunities for children to express their understanding of the concepts. Each milestone works to move children on from a Basic (B) understanding of the concepts to an Advancing (A) or Deep (D) understanding by the end of the second year of the milestone.
Curriculum Aims

The curriculum aims are taken from the National Curriculum. They are important to consider when we are planning how we are going to deliver the curriculum in order to ensure the children are being taught the key skills that are key to each subject area.

Our academies have adopted the Chris Quigley curriculum model.

Phonics & Reading


Read Write Ink – Information for Parents

Letter and Sounds are the basis of our phonics programme at St Germans Academy.

We are now using Read, Write, Ink, if you would like further information please contact our Phonic Lead ~ Miss Rachel Daboo.

We use decode-able reading books alongside the schemes

Remote Learning

During School Closure due to Government direction during the Covid 19 Pandemic we offered Remote Learning to all children not  in school.

Our offer and policy are below:

Remote Learning Information for Parents